Top 10 selling categories on Amazon (2021)

In this article, we will tell you Top 10 selling categories on Amazon (2021). Amazon is the largest online marketplace that focuses on e-commerce – books, music, movies, housewares, electronics, toys, clothing & beauty, and many other goods. It is an American multinational technology company, listed among the top 5 companies in the US.

Amazon is widely known for its largest and successful retailer in the western world. It assures to provide the best customer experience.

Top 10 selling categories on Amazon
Top 10 selling categories on Amazon

How to sell on amazon?

Amazon is a popular platform where both selling and shopping happens. A very simple procedure is to be followed to sell o amazon. Since it’s the most popular platform, it allows sellers to make their business dream come true.

To cope with the rising demands of the sellers/buyers, it has its fba service rolled out. It stores the products in the amazon inventory, fulfills the orders, and provides customer service. It enables the seller to be free from the processes of packing and shipping. The only part left for the seller to do is – create a business plan, find a particular niche, register on an amazon seller account, create a listing & start selling products.

Amazon’s top-selling category

Among the available 27 categories – ranging from appliances to apps & games, from beauty & personal care to books, from grocery to kindle, & office products to pet supplies, it enables the seller and buyer to sell and shop almost everything on it. From the available list of products, the top ten products sold by Amazon are as follows:

1. Home & kitchen

bedding, furniture, cleaning supplies, heating & cooling, and kitchen/dining products are some of the popular products sold in this category. This category counts for about 40% of the overall selling percentage. Since it deals with the essential service supply of everyday use it ranks highest on the best-selling list.

2. Sports & outdoors

this category deals with sports products, indoor and outdoor & fitness equipment. Being creative and focusing on keywords is vital for selling in this category. It accounts for almost 21% of the overall selling percentage.

3. Toys & games

besides dealing with everyday use and fitness products, this amazon enables sellers/buyers to deals with games and toys for all aged group people. Since this accounts for the entertainment group, it contributes a total of 19% of the overall selling.

4. Beauty & personal care

this category accounts for beauty products for skin, hair, nails, and oral hygiene. It also contributes a total of 19% of overall selling as it is an industry that generates billions for sellers.

5. Health, household & baby care

this category includes products such as for daily use, health supplements & general medicines, and baby care products. It generates 18% of the overall sales.

6. Clothing, shoes, and jewelry

this category deals with clothing, footwear, jewelry & accessories. A tough competition is faced by the sellers as it already includes reputed products. This category accounts for 16% of total selling.

7. Office products

this category deals with office supplies such as stationery, office chairs & tables, etc. It contributes to a total of 15% of total selling.

8. Garden & outdoor

this category deals with mostly gardening equipment, repellents, indoor plants, etc. It accounts for a total of 14%of the selling is done.

9. Tools & home improvement

this category deals with home cleaning to home beautifying products. It also includes equipment such as a broom, vacuum cleaner, etc for home cleaning. 14% of the total selling percentage is contributed by this category.

10. Pet supplies

lastly, this category has been growing at a steady rate over the years. This category has everything that pet owners need for dogs, cats, birds, fish, or other animals. It accounts for 13% of total selling doe on amazon.

As from the data above, there are many profitable selling categories on amazon. Nowadays finding a category or limited competition market is not easy. What makes amazon’s best-selling platform from others is the quality and value for customers which are never changing.


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