Top 5 WhatsApp Tools (free and paid) : Best WhatsApp bulk SMS sender tools.

Top 5 WhatsApp tools

Everyone is using WhatsApp in today’s date. WhatsApp is used in mostly every country. As it is used worldwide, WhatsApp has become a popular and new way to run business easily. Even a small businessman is using is as a medium to do business.

However, WhatsApp does not have a platform to run ads. But, it does have a capability to promote things by using few WhatsApp tools.

In this article we are going to tell you about top 5 WhatsApp tools which can make you work much simpler and faster. These tools have various features which lack for the businessman, but other features for general benefits.

Here is a list of Top 5 WhatsApp Tools for bulk SMS sender.

1. WhatSender

It is one of the simplest WhatsApp tools to send messages in bulk. It gives the user every feature that he wants, to run his business easily. Initially, this Whatsapp marketing tool offers user to send SMS in bulk to promote or any other message. It also permits the user to add infinite senders to their message list, this saves time. This WhatsApp marketing bulk sender tool also allows to make categories according to the contacts by just importing it from an excel file.

WhatSender- whatsapp bulk sender
Top 5 WhatsApp tools
Top 5 WhatsApp tools

2. WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a whatsapp tool by WhatsApp itself. WhatsApp had come up with this idea after noticing that WhatsApp is being used by people for business purposes. This bulk message sending tool is completely free and can be downloaded from App Store and Play Store. The marketing bulk sender tool by default offers some key features like, sorting, automating and fast responding to any new message. This app can give feeling of security to the users as they know their chats are encrypted. This WhatsApp tool also gives a brief about the company, website, address, email Id. The contact list of the customers can be divided based on the various labels. This help to reduce confusion.

whatsapp business- whatsapp tool
Top 5 WhatsApp tools
Top 5 WhatsApp tools

3. WAAM-It sender

This tool is one of the best WhatsApp marketing tools and no one can deny this. This is one of the most trusted Whatsapp tools by the users. It enables the user to send infinite messages per day. This is a fabulous way to announce a big thing or any event going to happen. This tool also has an inbox for the channels used by the users. This marketing tool for WhatsApp supports all types of formats like images, videos, audios and vCards. Likewise, above marketing software, unlimited contacts can be added and segregated easily. 

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4. AutoChat

This whatsapp marketing app is a very wide SMS promotion tool and is very simple to use. It has an affiliation with WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and Big Commerce. It a very modern chat messaging tool for WhatsApp that helps businesses with a variety of features. This Whatsapp tool gives a very cool messaging experience to the users that includes multimedia, carousel and buttons. It has a wide variety of channels that give a facility to message to all users in one place. AutoChat has 24*7 real-time engagement with the users.

auto chat- whatsapp tool Top 5 WhatsApp tools
Top 5 WhatsApp tools

5. Wapp Blaster

Wapp Blaster is a bulk messaging tool or app for WhatsApp. This whatsapp tool helps in promotion of small businesses in various ways. It supports all kinds of formats like photos, videos, gifs etc. This tool send messages to the active people and automatically ignores the inactive users. In this whatsapp tool, there is no credit limit and users can send infinite messages.

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  • Which is the best WhatsApp tool to send bulk messages?

We have mentioned the top 5 Whatsapp tools. These marketing tools give you a pleasure experience and simple way to send messages in bulk.

  • How to use marketing software?

Firstly, install any of the above-mentioned tools for bulk messaging. Then click on import button to import contacts. Then click on message option. Send message to your selected contacts.

  • Is WhatsApp marketing popular in India?

WhatsApp marketing is a very popular thing in India. Mostly every businessman uses a bulk messaging software to make their work easy. WhatsApp is used in India in bulk.    

  • How to use my friend’s whatsapp account and see every chats from long distance?

You can download whatsapp hack app form playstore.

  • How can I get step about harmful messages in Whatsapp?

You cannot stop but you can block that number.

  • Can I use same no on Whatsapp and telegram?

Yes, you can use same no on Whatsapp and telegram.

  • When we off the media for gallery direct from whatsapp are they off for all the devices?

No, it is off from only the particular device you turned media off.

  • How I can see last 3 months delete Whatsapp chat details?

Yes, if your phone’s memory is not filled. But If the memory is filled just now then you can check in backup data in your phone.

Top 5 WhatsApp tools
Top 5 WhatsApp tools

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