9 best ways to learn data science for free (2021)

In this article, we will tell you the 9 best ways to learn data science for free. The demand for skilled data scientists continues to soar, and IBM recently predicted that the number of data scientists hired in the next two years will increase by 28%. Companies in all industries are beginning to take advantage of the massive increase in data and new big data technologies that can be analyzed and used. This is great hope for those who wish to pursue a high-paying career in an exciting and forward-looking field. But it’s not just those who follow traditional academic paths, such as one of the best data science masters in the United States mentioned in a recent article, who can benefit from it. There are also many free online courses and tutorials. A motivated person can use it as a springboard for a useful and profitable career. So, let’s see how can you learn data science free online.

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9 best ways to learn data science for free

Coursera: – Data Science Specialization

Coursera offers a data science free online course with certificate, one of the oldest online data science courses at Johns Hopkins University. It is not completely free, and if you can afford it, you will have to pay for the course and certification fees, but this does not apply to students who are financially not able to pay the fees.

The majors of these 10 courses cover statistical programming, cluster analysis, natural language processing, and mobile learning applications in R. To complete the project, the students create a data product that can be used to solve real-world problems.

Coursera: -Data-Driven Decision Making

In addition, this course in Coursera is hosted by PwC, so it is not surprising that it focuses more on business applications than theory, covering the range of tools and techniques used by companies today to solve data problems, as well as the different roles that data scientists can play. Students are also trained to choose the best tools and frameworks for solving data problems. The 4-week course ends with an assignment that includes the implementation of data solutions in a simulated business environment.

EdX: – Data Science Essentials

This course is provided by Microsoft, a data science free online course by Harvard University as part of a data science professional program certification, but it can also be studied as a standalone course through EdX. Students should have “introductory” knowledge of R or Python, the two most popular data science programming languages ​​today. Topics covered include probability and statistics, data mining, visualization, and introduction to automated learning on the Microsoft Azure platform. Although all course materials are free, students can pay for an official certificate (in this case $90) after graduation.

Udacity: – Introduction to Machine Learning

There is not a single doubt that machine learning is one of the most trending topics in data science at the present moment. This course aims to provide a comprehensive overview from theory to practical applications and introduces the selection of data sources and the selection of algorithms that are most suitable for specific problems. …This course is also part of the paid “Nano Degree” in Udacity Data Analysis.

IBM: – Data Science Fundamentals

IBM offers a series of free online courses on its website (formerly Big Data University, now Cognitive Classroom). The program includes Data Science 101, methodology, practical applications, R programming, and open-source tools. About 20 hours, although people with computer experience may recover faster, and beginners may take longer.

California Institute of Technology: – Learning from Data

This machine learning course is a set of video lectures with assignments and final examination. In addition to outlining how computers “learn”, you will also study mathematics in depth (hope that students have a practical understanding of matrices and calculus, so this is not suitable for aspiring mathematicians).

Dataquest: – Become a Data Scientist

It is an independent online training provider, and unlike most other universities, it is not affiliated with any university. They provide free access to most course materials, but you can also pay for quality services including supervising projects. It offers mainly 3 paths, data analyst, data scientist, and data engineer-with the support of Uber, Amazon, and Spotify, this seems to be a good way to see if you can learn data science without spending a penny.

KDNuggets: – Data Mining Course

They have developed many free data mining courses as it is well-known for business and data science websites. There are many modules available for machine learning and statistical concepts such as decision-making trees, regression, classification, and an introduction to the actual technical implementation.

The Open: – Source Data Science Masters

This course is not provided by any organization or institution but is composed of a series of open-source materials and resources that are freely available on the Internet. Topics covered include Twitter’s natural language API processing using Python, Hadoop MapReduce, SQL and NoSQL databases, and data visualization. It also includes the basics of algebra and statistics needed to understand the basics of data science. Of course, there is no certification, but the program can be done at your own pace, which is a good introduction to the wealth of data science. The information is available on the Internet.

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