How to Play Business Game (2021): Rules of Business Game

In this pandemic, many families want to play this game and are playing business. Business is a board game. This game is actually Indian monopoly. This game is quite popular among people. This game is an old board game. But, many people still don’t know how to play business game. They are confused between many rules. If you are also one who doesn’t know the rules then this is the correct blog for you.

How to Play Business Game
How to Play Business Game

How to Play Business Game (2021)

Players: 2 to 4 players can play business game.

Capital: At the starting of the game, each player gets Rs.30000-50000. This can be decided by the players how much capital will each player will get.

How to start: Each player will throw the dice, and the player with highest number will start the game and rest players will throw clockwise.

Buying and Selling: when a player reaches any space, he has an option to buy, build or leave it, if nobody owns the space. Players can sell and buy among themselves. If a player doesn’t want to buy the space he arrived at, then the bank has a right to auction that space.

Building property: To have a larger profit by your investment, Auction of houses and hotels are made. The value of each house and hotel is shown in the title cards. By paying such an amount to the bank, you can build houses. The Green symbol indicates one house, the red symbol indicates a hotel. You must own at least three sites of the same color group to affect an erection.

How to Play Business Game

It is not compulsory to erect on all the sites simultaneously. Even a single erection of property in business game can be made. At most three erections can be made on one site. After the first erection of a color group, the ownership of three sites of the same color group is not compulsory. To erect a hotel, you must have three houses on each side of a complete color group of three sites. The hotel can be built by paying to the bank. Only one Hotel can be erected on any.

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Mortgages: Mortgaging properties can be done through the bank only. Mortgage value is printed on the title deed by receiving such amount from the bank, the property is known as mortgaged property. The title deed card is transferred which is mortgages, the new owner may lift the mortgage at once by paying to the bank 10% interest on mortgaged value plus principal.

How to Play Business Game
How to Play Business Game

Bank: The bank pays salaries and bonus sells properties to the players, loans money when required, and mortgage properties at mortgage value that is one-half the printed site values. The bank has also the right to charge a fine on any player if he found guilty of cheating to the bank or player.

Bank Shortage: When the bank has no house to sell, player wishing to build a house, must wait for another player to sell his house to the bank before building.

Jail Rule: A player goes to jail in following cases:

  • When his peg in the usual roll of dice, comes to jail.
  • When he is directed to go JAIL by the instruction of chance or community chest.
  • When he rolls a double, three-time in succession.
How to Play Business Game
How to Play Business Game

Rest House: When a player lands in rest house he is entitled to receive Rs.100 from each player.

Club: When a player lands in Club he is supposed to pay Rs.100 to each player.

Income Tax: The player who arrives at Income Tax, has to pay Rs. 50 to the bank for each site owned. Tax should not exceed Rs. 500.

Wealth Tax: When you arrive at the site of wealth tax, you have to pay the bank Rs.100 currency units for each house and Rs.200 currency units for each hotel. The tax should not exceed Rs.500.

Chance and Community: Chance and community Chest deals with the profit and loss you gain in the course of your life when you arrive there by odd or even throw of dice.

These are the most important rules of business game. We have tried to tell you How to Play Business Game. We hope this article helps you to lay the business game.

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How to Play Business Game
How to Play Business Game

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