How to get Clubhouse invitation fast? How to use Clubhouse App?

This article will tell you What is Clubhouse App?, How to use Clubhouse App, and how to get Clubhouse Invitation. There is a new social media app trending these days – Clubhouse. It is a social media network, but without images, videos, and text. It’s an Audio Only social network. It has rooms, where speakers talk, and listeners can silently listen to their conversations. But why is it trending? Well, it’s a new app and there is a flavor of exclusivity to it. It is invite-only and is available for iPhone users as well as android users. Every user may invite exactly one other user.

What is Clubhouse App? How to use Clubhouse App?

What is ClubHouse App? How to use ClubHouse App?
What is Clubhouse App? How to use Clubhouse App?

Why Clubhouse is trending?

This app became the talk of the town because of the interest of Elon Musk in the Clubhouse App. After they were funded by a venture capitalist in March 2020, they invited celebrities from Hollywood and techies from silicon valley. Then the invited people invited their friends and them theirs. So, right now it is full of technopreneurs, singers, writers, storytellers, etc. Hence, the rooms that are available right now, generally have very high-quality content. And many times you see famous people in the room either as a speaker or as a listener, and hence, it seems like being on a telephonic conference with celebrities and a lot of other people.

What is Clubhouse App? How to use Clubhouse App? elon musk tweet on clubhouse
What is Clubhouse App? How to use Clubhouse App?

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Users on Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is new and does not have many users, but most of the users on the platform seem to be high net, worth individuals. Therefore, many people want to get invited, and this is the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that Clubhouse is betting on. Further, the rooms are all live. There isn’t any recording available to listen to them later. So, if you are not listening to Clubhouse, you are missing all the good content going on there right now. FOMO again! Well done Clubhouse. So, What is Clubhouse App? It is exactly like this, all audio without any video or text.

How to use Clubhouse App?

What is Clubhouse App? As soon as we start recording, Clubhouse shows a warning that it is not allowed to record rooms or share recordings. All these are rooms, where different people talk, like a radio host show, and we may join in as listeners. If we have something to say, we may raise our hand, and the moderator of the room would unmute our mic, and we can say our thing to everyone listening to the room.

The rooms are basically like webinars but without video. Or, like podcasts but live. Or, a phone conferencing with a lot of people, where a lot more people are eavesdropping.You got the idea! We may join a room either as a speaker or as a listener. When we are invited in a room like a speaker, we have the option to turn the mic on or off, but when we join in as a listener, the mic won’t work until we raise a hand, and the room moderator enables it from their end.

What is Clubhouse App? How to use Clubhouse App?
What is Clubhouse App? How to use Clubhouse App?

So, as a listener, we don’t have to worry about our mic and may freely join any room any time, like driving or traveling or so, but instead of music, it would play some discussion. You may also create a private room if you don’t want anyone else to listen to your conversations. This is ideal for situations when you want to have a telephone conference with all your family members.

While creating an open or a private room, we may also define a topic, for what this conversation is about, but that’s optional. And all this happens live. There is no audio recording afterward. In fact, there has also been a lot of debate over whether recording a Clubhouse chatroom is even legal. After all, it is basically a call, and recording calls without the explicit permission of all the people online is illegal in many countries.

As the recording is not permissible and not legal, many times, we find many famous people saying things that they would not normally say publically. Some of the well-known techies use not safe for work examples to make a point. Some rooms were undergoing a talent hunt, where listeners were invited to sing or rap or humor them. Some had a very good rap session going on.

What is Clubhouse App? How to use Clubhouse App?
What is Clubhouse App? How to use Clubhouse App?

The Clubhouse does not have many users at the moment, hence, even the celebrities have very few followers. All these people, who generally have following millions on other social media platforms have 2-3000 followers at Clubhouse at the time of posting the video. Other than the profile of the founder of Clubhouse, there aren’t many profiles with a lot of followers. As everyone lacks followers, the competition is much lower here than on other platforms. The organic reach is equal for all users. And if you want to make your presence known, this is the time to join Clubhouse. We hope it was helpful for you to know What is Clubhouse App? How to use Clubhouse App?

How to get Clubhouse invitation?

We are gonna go through three unique methods to get you an invite in the Clubhouse application that people are so obsessed with nowadays. As you know the invite only option is giving a FOMO to people, you do need to ask around until somebody has an invite that can get you in. Might sound crazy but these three methods or ways are the best proven. So let’s begin with the most simple method and at last there is a back door option for you.

First Method

The first method to get Clubhouse invitation You can get an invitation from a current user of the Clubhouse, though it sounds simple it is not, as each user is only allowed to send out 5 invitations when they sign up, you may ask your friend or knowns to spare their invite for you so as it gets easy for you to get in.

If you’re lucky enough then only you can get in! (that’s why it is said relationships matter lol)

If you can’t get in from the first method, don’t you worry there are two more methods yet to be discovered!

Second Method

If you don’t get your luck on the first method, the second one might tell you How to get Clubhouse invitation? You can ask for an invite on any other social media like Twitter or Instagram, you might have someone in your social network with an invitation to spare and you might get lucky this time to get an invite in the clubhouse. Post with a Clubhouse hashtag and ask for an invitation, if someone had one it might benefit you and enjoy the hype with being a one.

Third Method (The ultimate hack)

When you visit the Clubhouse website, you’re given an option to reserve your username. If you have a lot of friends on the Clubhouse app, they might receive a notification regarding your download of the app (if they have their notifications turned on).

They can waive you and give you access to the app even if they have no invites left and you can be a part of the hyped Application and Connect and converse with society’s most influential artists to industrialists.

Don’t lose hope, keep searching for an invite, you will surely get one with these methods and be a part of the Clubhouse Community.

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