5 Best Haircuts For Men (2021)

It is known that hairstyles are the key factor to change a man’s look. When you go for a haircut, does your barber ask you about the type of haircut you want to have? Now you don’t need to worry. In this article, we will tell you some best haircuts for men that can be done to change your look completely.

5 Best Haircuts For Men in 2021

Best Haircuts For Men (2021)
Best haircuts for men (2021)

Indian men have a great skin tone. Most of the haircuts shown below would suit Indian men. These were considered trendy haircuts in 2020 and now these are still the best haircuts for men.

1. Faded sides cut

This hair cut suits most men. It makes your face look longer. This is the best haircut for rounded-faced men. Ask your barber to cut sides with a trimmer (2mm) and give a fade look. Leave the top hair at least 2 inches long.

virat fade cut
Best haircuts for men (2021)

2. Undercut

This is a cut which is suitable for young men and boys. This haircut makes you face look longer. In this style, ask your barber to make a side part and trim side till the side part with a trimmer(2mm) and leave the top hair a bit longer.

shahid kapoor undercut
Best haircuts for men (2021)

3. Buzz cut

Now, this haircut is not for all face shapes. Long faced or diamond shaped face would look best with this haircut. Ask your barber to cut your top hair with a trimmer (7mm) and sides with 1/2 mm trimmer head. This haircut is quite popular in western countries.

akshay kumar buzzcut

4. Messy look

This haircut is for college boys. This hairstyle was earlier considered a shabby style but now it is one of the popular hairstyles. You just need to have medium-length hair. Make your hair messy and apply wax to hold it well.

kartik aryan messy hair look

5. Mature and classic side part

As a show stopper, this hairstyle comes at the end. This hairstyle is one of the oldest and yet classic haircuts. This epic haircut suits all men with any type of face shape. It is still considered one of the best haircuts for men. This haircut makes you look more classy and mature.

ranbir classy haircut

These are the 5 best haircuts for men (2021) which you can ask your barber to do it for you.

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