5 Benefits of copper water: pros of drinking water in copper

What are the benefits of copper water bottle?

If you are a person who wakes up and the first thing you do is drink water then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will tell you top 5 benefits of copper water if you drink it. Many people today, hate drinking water in plastic vessels or bottles. Looking at the benefits drinking water in copper water bottle, people are shifting towards the copper bottles. These copper bottles are really easy to carry anywhere and store water in. To get the best benefits, you just need to fill water in a copper vessel and keep it overnight. Drink this water in the morning empty stomach. We will tell you such more benefits of copper water.

How does copper clean water?

According to our ancient Ayurveda, copper has natural oxidants. Copper has antimicrobial properties which helps to boost immunity. It helps to fight against bacteria and viruses. When water is stored in copper vessel, oligodynamic effects. This means it makes the water capable to kill germs and bacteria. Based on the studies, copper water has a capability of killing 99% germs in water.

Benefits of copper water
Benefits of copper water

Benefits of copper water are:

1. Reduces constipation problem

Today many people suffer from constipation. Copper water help to reduce constipation problem. Store water in a copper vessel for 8 hours at night and drink it in the morning before brushing. This will work if you do this for 1 week and you would see the result.

Benefits of copper water reduces constipation
Benefits of copper water

2. Reduces the chance of cancer

Today, many people are fighting cancer these days. As a prevention, everyone should drink copper water so that it kills the bacteria and viruses present in water. It has great antioxidants, that can fight against the radicals present in water.

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3. Good for bones

People facing problems in bones can drink copper water. It helps to fight osteoporosis. Copper water can help to reduce joints pain to a great extend. Indians still use copper coins on joints to reduce swelling. For healthy bones you can also take Vitamin-D tablets.

Benefits of copper water good for bones
Benefits of copper water

4. Helps in weight loss

Copper is a mineral which cuts extra fat accumulated in the body. If you have right amount of copper in your body, it boosts metabolism which helps to burn fat. But it doesn’t mean you should drink in it excess.

Benefits of copper water weight loss
Benefits of copper water

5. Improves heart’s health

Lack of copper in body can result in plague deposits which blocks the blood vessels. Coppers are highly prescribed to the people having cardio problems.

Benefits of copper water heart health
Benefits of copper water

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